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Looking for the perfect piece of jewelry ? At CALEA we know how special this moment is. Every diamond should impress not only with its beauty, but also with its real value. Shouldn't every piece selected meet the highest standards of quality and ethics ?

The origin of a diamond is crucial in the jewelry industry. Our Labgrown Diamonds combine everything you would expect from a true diamond, but with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly . With no need for mining and no negative impact on natural ecosystems, they are the perfect choice for the conscious buyer.

In the midst of the sparkling diversity of the diamond market , it can be easy to get lost. At CALEA DIAMONDS we offer clarity in this often confusing world. With each of our pieces of jewelry, the focus is not only on the sparkle, but also on the history and value behind it.

When you look at diamond jewelry from CALEA, you not only see its unparalleled beauty, but also the sustainable and ethical origins behind each stone. Such precious moments are about more than just beauty - they are about values, responsibility and the deep meaning of each piece.


In the heart of Berlin , just a stone's throw from the noble Kurfürstendamm, a unique gem has been shining since 2020: CALEA. Founded by Schilhabel GmbH , originally known for the development of commercial solar systems , CALEA combines the splendor of a fine jewelry brand with the warmth and vision of a family-run business. Our carefully cultivated diamonds are not only a symbol of exquisite quality, but also of our deep commitment to sustainability . Masterfully framed in timeless jewelry creations , they are created either through our own initiative, in partnership with renowned designers, or in direct collaboration with our customers. Our Berlin studio is not only a space for fine craftsmanship, but also a meeting place and center for innovation. Here, classic jewelry craftsmanship merges with the mission to protect our planet for future generations. Driven by its expertise in solar , the Schilhabel Group aims to soon cover all of the energy needs for our diamond farming through solar power - a vision for the future of 100% renewable energy. CALEA's philosophy goes far beyond jewels. It embodies a new direction that exemplifies how luxury, heritage and environmental protection can be reconciled. Because our pursuit of ecological responsibility is also an expression of our love for family and future generations.

Diamond industry in transition: time for a sustainable approach

Diamond mining and its impact on the environment have been known and documented for centuries. Nevertheless, little has changed in the industry so far. At CALEA , we are committed to driving this much-needed change in the diamond industry and proving through our actions that it can be done differently.

Our mission: Sustainable diamonds that protect the planet .