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the 4 C'S

The four critical C's of a diamond are the standardized methods to evaluate the quality of a diamond. They stand for:


The carat weight of a diamond is often the first thing that comes to mind for most people. It refers to the weight of the diamond. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams. But remember that a bigger diamond is not always better. The quality of clarity, color and cut are equally, if not more, important.


Most diamonds have some type of color. Color is rated on a scale from D (completely colorless) to Z (yellowish or brown). Colorless diamonds are rare and therefore often more expensive, but many people find the warmth of a light color appealing.


The cut of a diamond refers to both the shape of the diamond - whether round, oval, square, etc. - and the way the diamond was cut. A good cut ensures maximum brilliance. A diamond with an excellent cut will sparkle and shine because light is reflected effectively through the stone. If a diamond is not well cut, the light could "leak" and the diamond would not shine as brightly.


Each diamond is unique, and many have small features or "inclusions." These are often only visible under high magnification. The clarity of a diamond refers to the extent of these inclusions. A diamond can be classified as "flawless" if it has no inclusions or surface defects under 10x magnification. However, "perfect" is a subjective assessment - for some, a diamond with small, invisible inclusions is just as perfect as a flawless diamond. The important thing is that you pay for what you and your partner can really appreciate and see.

Every idea starts with a problem

When the founder of CALEA was looking for a sparkling memory for the birth of her first son, she got various offers from well-known as well as unknown diamond dealers. The basis was a budget with which the perfect diamond for a necklace should be found. Due to an exorbitantly confusing pricing, not only the understanding of value was lost, but also the joy of buying.

Next to her son, the idea of selling the true value and beauty of the nature of a lab grown diamond was born - regardless of the brand or the shop that sells it.

CALEA DIAMONDS differs from other jewelers and diamond shops, because we focus on finding THE BEST heirloom for your budget, completely in line with nature. Regardless of whether you want to spend 300€ or 1mio€.

True sustainability

Mining is never sustainable, neither is resource depletion which is by definition unsustainable.

Hence the gold we create our jewelry with is recycled 14kt and 18kt gold.

This is also why we grow our diamonds sustainably, 100% powered by renewable, solar energy from Europe. There are no other diamond dealers in the industry, that meet this standard.

A lab-created diamond begins its life much like a plant does – as a seed. We use the high pressure high temperature method (HPHT) to simulate an environment in which a piece of a natural diamond is placed in a plasma reactor as a kind of germ. The plasma reactor is almost as hot as the suns surface. This creates a rough lab grown diamond, which is cut, certified and set.

With every piece purchased, you get a certificate worth the amount of energy, that has been used to create the diamonds included in your heirloom. This way CALEA can assure you, that our lab grown diamonds are 100% sustainable.

All of our diamonds are guaranteed to be conflict-free, as we source the stones directly from the manufacturers who grow the stones. This is also the reason why we can offer you diamonds and colored stones at almost wholesale prices.

Lab-created diamonds, inspired by nature and driven by science, mark a thrilling new chapter in the story of man’s fascination with the earth’s most precious treasures.

Put us to the test and receive your heirloom made with the power of nature!

We look forward to seeing you happy!